Back in the UK!

I haven’t been to London since my 1991 tour w/ Morrissey.
So much has changed! Globalization has just about ruined the world I think. I find myself sneaking down back streets trying to get away from Forever 21, GAP Banana Republic and all the other US chain stores that have spread themselves like an evil jam all over the world. It was refreshing to find myself on Saville row where the old fashioned tailor is still tried and true  There is nothing like a smart suit. Tomorrow I hope to visit the Drill Hall, in Camden, the site where I had my record release party in 1986. Here’s a link to me singing AMAZONS on the Old Grey Whistle Test

Was that really 29 years ago???



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Tender Buttons!!


Phranc button

Phranc  Amazon  Anniversary  Buttons!!!!

I have just received a lot of Brand new shiny Phranc Buttons with the original logo which was designed for the 1985 UK release of the single Amazons. If you send me a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) and send it to: Phranc /P.O. Box 511 /2633 Lincoln Blvd./ Santa Monica CA 90405

I will send you one!!

xxx Phranc


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Spock @ The Masque

Spock @ MasqueHowdy!

A late tribute to Leonard Nimoy. Dave Markey took this pic at The Masque in 1977.

As for Cardboard Cobblin’ , I’m in the midst of a studio overhaul so I can get crackin’ on some new work. I’ll keep you posted!


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The Cardboard Cobbler rides again!!!

Howdy to long time Cardboard Cobbler followers and new friends alike!  The transition from the original blog  (, which is archived here) has been a little sketchy. Don’t worry I am working it out. I always want to share with you cool cardboard in the making. Just to get you up to date, this past December I was in Sun Valley, Idaho at The Friesen Gallery showing “it Happened in Sun Valley” Cardboard and kraft paper sculptures reflecting the life and times and outfits of the iconic Sun Valley ski resort. Upon returning home to my catastrophic mess of a studio I have begun to clear a path to my next show which will be around X-mas 2015 at the Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica, California. Just last weekend I was visiting with Jill Burnham and about eighty local educators at The Los Angeles Opera where we crafted tiny paper vests in honor of the The Marriage of Figaro which was written during the French Revolution. It’s a pretty long story but in 2010 I saw an exhibit at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail, 1700–1915 ..and saw this amazing vest! It’s the great great great great Grandmother of Todays political T-Shirt! So here’s the video tutorial  I created for the workshop and a link to a affectionate review  of said vest.

xxxx Phranc

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